exhaust fabrication 

and welding

Are you in need of a major overhaul of your exhaust system? Our experienced and trained mechanics will repair it in no time. We ensure that the pipes, muffler and catalytic converter on your vehicle all work in tandem to control noise and fumes. Visit Worthington Automotive if you notice excess smoke coming from your exhaust pipe or if there’s a drop in fuel efficiency. We will provide you with regular service and maintenance at affordable prices.


Rely on Us for Custom Fabrication and Welding

If you are looking for custom build parts or internal systems, Worthington Automotive will provide you with first-rate auto welding and fabrication services. If your car needs some bodywork done, bring it to us, and we will improve the value of your vehicle considerably. We do fabrication and auto welding work for all makes and models of domestic or foreign cars, trucks and SUVs.